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We recognize several stages in the project lifecycle and try to work with project owners and community leaders to make sure each project ends up in the right community, at the right time. This page describes that process.


All projects are private at creation on The two major reasons for this are spam control, and the fact that over 90% of projects requested never go anywhere beyond the original request. We prefer to keep these projects out of public view and out of the pages that may be returned by a search on the site.

While in staging, a project owner can add other members to a project and start development. To move from staging a project must have a clear description, a license chosen, and some activity toward that end visible - code checked in, bugs entered into JIRA, or some documentation either via the downloads feature or the wiki. To request a project be made public and moved out of staging please contact the Community Manager at


When the minimum requirements are met, a project can be moved from staging to a public incubator and a community is chosen for the project. Incubating projects are in active development, but have no release yet. Usually a working alpha release is the goal to move from the incubator, but in some cases the goal of the project may be a useful blueprint or other documentation. Once there is an end product that some other user may find useful, a project is ready to be moved into the main community. To request a project be promoted from the incubator to full community member, please contact your community leaders.

Community Member

A Community Member project is a project with at least one useful product available to end users, and may still be in development.


An archived project may fall into two categories. The first is a project which was abandoned after some time in an incubator. There is some code or documentation that may be of use, but no work has been done on the project in at least six months. The second category is a project which is outdated and no longer useful, per the project owner or community leader's opinion. If development begins again on an archived project, it can be moved back to the incubator or the main community as appropriate.
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